Kishan Vidhalya

Supported By
Department of Agriculture, U P Govt.

3 Years (2006-2009)

5 District-Allahabad, Kausambi, Jalon, Auriya and Etawah (89 Naya Penchant-1689 villages of UP state).
First /second /third Phase Completed on 31st March 2009.

Major Activities

Community Organisation and strengthening activities.
Formation of farmers clubs (women and youth ).
Formation of 124 Kishan Vidhalayas / Federation (Kisan Vikas Sangh)
Promoting Livelihood through IGP and Micro Enter prises on petty shops,Vegetable growing, mushroom and medicinal plant cultivation.
Promoting fishery, goatry, and dairy among groups.
Grain Bank, Seed Banks.
Organic Farming and vermi composting.
Organising animal immunization and checkups camps.
Strengthening Collective Actions and Cooperation for improving the Natural
Resource Management.
Public Advocacy for effective implementation of social security schemes.
Promote Gender and Development through legal literacy and public hearing.
Training the youths on Disaster management and preparedness.