Land Reclamation Project

U.P. Bummi Sudhar Nigam run through the World Bank aid was approached by Manav Kalyan Pratisthan to implement the project and provides training to women groups to improve their knowledge and strengthen their financial position. Manav Kalyan Pratisthan has started this program since July 1999 covering education, health, land development, irrigation, Women Empowerment awareness programs, which are going, ground in Etawah District of Manav Kalyan Pratisthan launched various programs to empower socially as well as economically. This project has been running successfully since last 08 years.

Manav Kalyan Pratisthan is first position (Year 2003-04) in all UP for world bank assisted project UPLDC Etawah, Please seen Jt Managing Director letter ENCL. page- .
Few prominent are given below:
1. Formation of self-help Groups, exclusively for women.
2. Skill up-gradation of women and capacity building.
3. Income generation programs.
4. Mother and child health-care.
5. Kitchen gardens.
6. Education and health and
7. Land Reclimation.