Women & Panchayati Raj Strengthening Program

Supported By
UP Health System Development Project, (World Bank)

5 Years


15 Gram Panchayats of Bahuwa/Asothar Block, Fatehpur Dist, UP.


Project Successfully Completed(31 July 2008).

Major Activities

Information Generation and Dissemination at all levels.
Capacity Building of Elected Representatives.
Micro Planning Initiative for the Gram Panchayats.
Gram Sabha Sensitization Programme through organizing camps and campaign.
Strengthening Primary Schools through Shiskha Samiti.
Promotion of IEC materials for extensive reach.
Sensitisation of the Govt Machineries.
Research and studies.
Information Dissemination at the community level.
Formation of Pressure Groups
Capacity Building and Exposure Trip for Citizen leaders
Gram Sabha Mobilization through Citizen leaders.
Promoting citizen actions and social monitoring.
Organising Campaigns like Right to Work.
Conducting Action research on Topics like education, health, livelihood etc.
Conducting Interface meeting with the different stakeholders.
Establishing Multi stakeholder dialogue for finding problems and issues at the Panchayat level.