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What difference can you make in this world with less than Rs.100 a day?

Your sponsorship could:

  • Help cover the cost of providing a slate, some stationary, basic educational material and transportation to your child and other children in the community.
  • Help cover the cost of literature for social workers who are able to ensure that the child and the community get their dues like midday meals from the government
  • Help erect and maintain a notice board in the school to communicate about the plans and activities of the school
  • Help cover the costs of training the school development management committee, made up of parents and teachers, to ensure that their school functions fully
  • Help cover the cost of an Manav Kalyan Pratisthan community worker who will ensure your child goes to school and monitors the quality of education in the schools
  • Help fund small repairs, whitewashing or even growing plants

What is Child Sponsorship?

Child sponsorship is a very unique relationship. All our sponsors confess they receive much more than they give!! You contribute Rs 500 a month. Your gift provides a better future for your sponsored child, the childs family and the community. It would give you a sense of fulfilment, of satisfaction to be able to change the future of a child and their community.

When you sponsor a child you will receive:

A picture and story of your sponsored child Messages directly from your child twice a year A newsletter twice a year or more on how your donation helps Annual report on Manav Kalyan Pratisthans activity across the UP state.
Manav Kalyan Pratisthan in India works with over 2 Lac poor and excluded people in UP state and 10 Dist. to claim their rights and improve their lives. The Indian Constitution guarantees education as a fundamental right of all citizens. However millions of children continue to remain out of school. Manav Kalyan Pratisthan strongly believes that people have to be educated of their rights and entitlements, and enjoy the benefits. We empower people with information and training to build the skills and confidence they need to claim their rights. We have seen how state and civil society must work together to ensure free quality education for all children. Across the country, Manav Kalyan Pratisthan works with more than 540 children to help them enjoy their right to education.
Your gift in any amount, large or small, will help us deliver on our mission and vision


Please send to the below address:
Manav Kalyan Pratisthan
Ph +91 5180 224647, Mobile-+91 9415065534, +91 9015445260, +91 9968811070

Online Banking

FCRA A/C No: 136420012 (Only For Foreign Donors)

Your contribution is fully tax deductible and all contributions will be acknowledged.


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