The Income Generation Program

Sustainable development and economic growth are possible only through improving the economic, social, political, legal and cultural status of women. The release of women’s productive potential is pivotal to breaking the cycle of poverty. The eradication of poverty can not be accomplished through anti poverty more important in order to ensure access for all women to resources, opportunities, and public services. The vision of the program is based on cluster approach involving social mobilization, information decimation, awareness generation, and exposure through audio-visual aids supported by cultural programmes.

Awareness Camps

Community concerned have been sensitize by using traditional methods (wall writing, cultural programs, street plays etc.) as well as by locally innovated participatory ways and means. In PRA (participatory rural appraisal) sessions conducted within the villages community being sensitized on the above said issues through social analysis. Community also responded though slowly than expected. They were persuaded initially to form self-help groups. Women were more willing to be in these groups. Some times these groups faced some resistance from families especially from their husbands and hue and cry from dubious interests but they overcame them slowly and firmly.

YearNo of CampsAvg No of Beneficiary
2003-2004 13 212
2004-2005 14 215
2005-2006 13 230
2006-2007 15 366

Self Help Groups

Once the community realised the social traumas & convinced to initiate action, identification, & formation of homogeneous groups in terms of economic status, social status taken place. In the self-help groups saving has been started and at the time of need, loan have been be sanctioned. The account is maintained by the president & cashier of the groups & the money is being deposited in the bank. In the beginning the training was given to them to manage the working of groups. Every month these self help group hold one meetings. They discuss the condition and functioning of groups in the context of its objectives. They discuss credit plus activities i, e, social, health, education and individual issues and concerns.

Steps in formation and development of Self Help Groups- Details
  • Every village selected has a village level Site Implementation Committee generally known as Women group and comprising all womens and children of the village whose land has been selected in the project. Women group meets every fortnight at a common place of their own choice within the village. It proves a forum to discuss and decide about all the activities and concerning issues. Womens select one precedent and one cashier who coordinate women groups meetings and keep records of it. They operate the bank account of women groups.
  • This project provides an opportunity to all the women groups selected not only to participate with project but also to work in a cohesive way and with group approach. All the area selected within the village is organized in Women group, comprising the Womens of generally an area of one villages. In Project area 11 Women groups have been organized so far during last three years of project. Womens actively participate in the formation of Women groups. They try to make it homogeneous as much as possible, as it is based on the situation of the villages. They select two office bearers themselves who decide group affairs and operate the bank account of group. Field staff facilitates them for learning by doing in formation and management of group.
Details of functioning Self Help Group
  • After the selection and preliminary activities, preparations of land for reclamation as per its technology, which is called OF (On Farm Development), take place. The field staff (with help of govt. official) disseminates technical requirements and guidelines about OFD in the Women group meetings and the Womens decide the ways and means to accomplish the task. During last three years a total of 34 hectares of land have been leveled. Womens done bundling on it and made irrigation channels and field drains for the first time.
  • Besides the contribution of labour in on- farm development, Women groups contribute in terms of money also. They contribute Rs.300/ per beneficiary. Since last three years Manav Kalyan Pritisthan has mobilized nearly Rs. 3.10 lake from Women groups contribution to the project.
  • Selection of Members
  • Deciding the rules and bylaws
  • Initiation of income generation activity
  • Linkage with Banks
  • Extending help to new groups
  • Extension of income generation activities
  • Formation of federation

Financial Support

Income Generation training programme was arranged from 20.11.2005 to 24.11.2005 for 33 women and from 26.11.2005 to 30.11.2005 to 33 women regarding goat rearing and land development work. The training areas were as follows:

Goat rearing Training: All the 34 women were given information about goat rearing, vaccination, and also Revolving funds. They were also informed that what breed of goat is more profitable when these should be purchased and sold and how they could be kept healthier etc.

Veterinary Animator: In the year 2004-05, we conducted a training for veterinary animators for two days at MKP head quarters, as the goat purchased under the iGP activity remained weak and in case of any ailment had to be taken to the city doctors thereby making Goatery as a difficult option for people, Hence a Veterinary animator is also selected on circle level. They provide first aid and some sort of local remedies of seasonal ailments in livestock, to the local population. Project has provisions for training of veterinary animators. Five veterinary animators have been trained within the project area so far. Now some of them have established liaison with local veterinary dispensary and getting better income by serving their community. Besides formal training programmes, supervisors and Manav klayan pratisthan provide trainings to the members of Women SHGs and Women groups for its proper management and record keeping. WOMEN GROUPS meetings are also being used to impart training on seasonal topics and relevant technology/information.

Land Development Training: 32 women were given Revolving funds for land development and given training to make land for sowing Sanai & Dhencha for green maximizing. The fertile soil should be saved from erosion and this was imported by practical demonstration in the fields

YearNo of BeneficiaryTypes of income generation activityTotal Amount Given
2003-2004 66 Goat rearing and land development. 66 X Rs 3000
2004-2005 66 Goat rearing and land development. 66 X Rs 3000
2005-2006 66 Goat rearing and land development. 66 X Rs 3000
2006-2007 68 Goat rearing and land development. 68 X Rs 3000
2007-2008 68 Goat rearing and land development. 68 X Rs 3000