The Literacy Program

The organisation is awarded
“Mother India Award For Social Work-2006” – By Health And Education Development Association, New Delhi And Economic Growth Society Of India, New Delhi for best practices in the field of Health And Education in remote and rural areas of Etawah and Fatehpur Districts of U.P. state.

Literacy Program

In order to improve the literacy rate intensive publicity, propaganda and rallies were arranged by Manav Kalyan Pratishthan in Fatehpur district. A grand Rally and meeting was organised in collaboration with the distt literacy mission presided by the District Magistrate, Fatehpur. Thousands of students of the prominent schools of the city participated this Literacy Rally. It was highlighted that the literacy ratio of the district is very low and asserted that efforts will be made to improve the literacy percentage of the district. The literacy meeting was presided by Shri R.S.Verma, District Magistrate, Fatehpur.

Literacy Prize

All round efforts are being made by Manav Kalyan Pratishthan to improve the literacy ratio. In two school-less villages of Bahua and Asothar literacy centers are started by the pratishthan while government and N.G.O. machinery is being encouraged to intensify the efforts effectively. A `literacy prize` was awarded every year for best performance. The prize for the year 2006 was given on 15th Aug. 2006 to Garim Shkchan Kendra of Malaka village of Bhitora Dev. Block of distt. Fatehpur. Special efforts are being quade to educate the girls in the centers run by the Pratishthan.

Vocational Training

Efforts are being made to provide technical training to the unemployed youths by the Pratishthan so that they may become well up financially, The unemployed youth are arranged Self-employment loans through Banks. The training and loan details of the present year are as given below: -

Sr.NoTraining CoursesName of development blockNumber of trainees
1 Tailoring 06 140 Women & 4 Men
2 Seed Production 01 200 Women
3 Bicycle Repairing 03 10 Men
4 Type & Shorthand 06 10 Women & 5 Men

Coordination Program Under World Bank Scheme

Land Development Corporation run through the World Bank aid was approached by Manav Kalyan Pratishthan to implimente the project and provides training to women groups to improve their knowledge and strengthen their financial position. This programme has been started by Manav Kalyan Pratishthan Fatehpur since July, 1999 covering education, health, RCH, land development, irrigation, awareness programmes which are going ground in Etawah District of U.P.

Anganwadi Project

Sr.NoTraining CoursesName of development blockNumber of trainees
1 Job Training Staff Hanthgame 34 I.C.D.S
2 Job Training Staff Airaya + Hanthgame 22 I.C.D.S
3 Job Training Staff Bhitoura 31 I.C.D.S
4 Orientation Training Helper Hanthgame + Bhitoura 42 I.C.D.S
5 Orientation Training Helper Teliyani + Bhitoura 100 I.C.D.S
6 Job Training Staff Varanasi Sevapuri + Aragilines 100 I.C.D.S
7 Job Training Staff Kanpur District 50 I.C.D.S
– Showing training provided by the workers of Manav Kalyan Pratishthan and women trainees seeking training
– Manav Kalyan Pratishthan workers/officers imparting training to the beneficiaries under barren land improvement project of Etawah started with the help of world Bank
– Literacy rally headed by the District Magistrate and literacy meeting presided by the District Magistrate, Fatehpur.
– Manav Kalyan Pratishthan instructors providing vocational training