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Manav Kalyan Pratisthan is an established NGO in the district of Fatehpur, Chitrakoot, Banda, Kanpur, Allahabad, Kaushambee, Raibarelli, Srawastee, Balrampur, Auriya and Etawah district in Uttar Pradesh State(India). The organisation has done a pioneering work for the betterment of the local population with special emphasis on the deprived class people who lack basic facilities relating to Agricultural, Cash Craft, SHG promotion, Aids/HIV, Flood and Fair relief programme, Women empowerment, Education, and Income generation.
Of late, we have been implementing a UPLDC World Bank Assisted People empowerment, Land Reclamation and Income generation programme by innovative approach in a selected cluster within district of Etawah, Fatehpur with the able support from UPLDC Lucknow/World Bank/KKS Germany under SHG and Women empowerment programme. Our work has gained wide recognition with the local district administration and the District authorities as the District Magistrate/ Sub Divisional Magistrate, This project has been running successfully since last-7 years. Simultaneously organisation has started a programme for People Empowerment programme and RCH/MCH Care in 1999 with the help of KKS Germany.

Our Programs

Prevention of female foeticide

Swayam Siddha Project

Manav Kalyan Pratisthan to provide training to Village Women and accordingly many training is given to the Women by the Manav Kalyan Pratisthan.



To promote health and family welfare programmes.

To promote Agricultural, Cash Craft and Environment Activities with awareness among the people.

To establish network with other like minded NGOs and the Government.

To strengthen Inter national unity and communal harmony.

To carry out health awareness and family planning service with a focus on maternal and child health.

To provide recreation arrangement for the people of the remote villages.

To provide employment opportunities to the rural Formers in Cash Crafts.

To provide Education for Village Children & Village women.

To ensure the empowerment of women through organising them.

To develop and promote voluntary action in social development.

To facilitate dissemination of innovative & good practices and habits for the successful 1

Implementation of all consumer programmes amongst the people.

To work out strategy of motivation of all concerned for equal sharing of benefits of development by all sections of society especially poor people living below poverty line & the disadvantaged.

To Helping the Handicapped by innovative approaches and Implementation of all Handicapped programmes amongst the people.

To create and strengthen conceptual and theoretical understanding of participatory development.

To develop & strengthen skills to translate participatory development into practice.


— Our Mission

Helping the rural masses specially women in their overall development and empowerment in terms of upgrading their mental and physical faculties and financial resources to bring them to the level of human sustenance.
Creation of a community conscientised, awards and educated enough to take care of its integrated development.
Helping the Handicapped by innovative approaches and rural people and women masses by their basic needs, up-gradation of their skills through various income generations programmes, education & Health services.
To promote Gandihian philosophy for self-reliance of villages. Empowerment of the rural poor and disadvantaged particularly women by supporting programme through capacity building and self-help initiative at the level of community based organisation (CBOs) and SELF HELP GROUP (SHGs) providing gender equity, equal partnership in development and economic upliftment.

— Our Vision

To facilitate the process of emergence of a self-reliant, just, equitable and self-sustaining civil society.

— Our Goals

1. Empowerment of the disadvantaged community in such a way, that they can utilize their potential and resources for their all-round development, in a sustainable manner.
2. To enable participatory process of development for the realization of the full human potential among people, CBOs etc. through mobilization of resources-physical and human & they is optimal utilization to actualize our vision.

Our Presence

Men & Women NGO in Fatehpur, Chitrakoot, Banda, Kanpur, Allahabad, Kaushambee, Raibarelli, Srawastee, Balrampur, Auriya and Etawah district in UP State working with our network/ through our District offices.


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